Customer Experience Management Services

"Companies that earn $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in customer experience."

- ROI of Customer Experience, The Temkin Group, 2018

Customer Experience Management Services

Did you know that BeetleRim's user-centric UX/UI services have improved conversion rates by up to 40% for global e-commerce majors?

Customer experience is among the top differentiating factors that define a company's competitive advantage in the market. Stiff competition from new entrants and rapid innovations are leading to new and improved product/service launches at a swift pace. With so many options to choose from, it is undoubtedly a consumer market in the play.

To top this, today's digital customers base their loyalty on not just a product and its capabilities, but rather their personal journey with the product. The sheer experience of the purchase is what matters at the end.

However, despite the overwhelming focus on future technologies and immersive experiences, at the end of the day, exceptional customer experience is a product of two foundational elements:

Better understanding of the customer and the market
A transformative CX strategy rooted in competitive intelligence and data science

Companies are spending billions of dollars on enhancing their digital customer experience (CX).

Yet, studies reveal that only a fraction of customers feel that vendors are consistently meeting their expectations.

There is a wide gap between customer expectations and the actual experience they receive.

Customer experience is not exact science. But engaging the right technology partner can bridge the gap by applying powerful insights gained through predictive modelling, AI/ML, CRM analytics, dynamic UI/UX design and intelligent data management - all of which can transform and reinvent your digital customer engagement strategy.

"Twenty-five percent of customer service and support operations will integrate virtual customer assistant (VCA) or chatbot technology across engagement channels by 2020."
- Gartner, 2018

BeetleRim provides omni-channel customer experience solutions by drawing on its extensive capabilities in developing CRM and e-commerce solutions. Through our AI- and self-service-enabled products, we help customers develop engaging partnerships with end-users using deep-seated conversational and prescriptive capabilities.


Despite huge investments and increased focus on improving user experience, most businesses today still struggle with:

Building a comprehensive, interactive and immersive CX strategy
Delivering differentiated, engaging and compelling digital user experiences
Maintaining a consistent brand presence, instant brand recall and product/service reputation online
Lack of omni-channel presence and high-impact social media performance
Ensuring a seamless cross-channel shopping experience
Adopting next-generation technologies for enhanced performance, analytics and reporting
User data gathering and analysis, while maintaining data privacy, security and confidentiality
Traffic routing, retention and improved conversions

"The best CX leaders design their CX from the point of view of the customers' motivations and goals, and then they build their brand around the CX; not the other way around"

BeetleRim: Facilitating higher brand recall and reduction in bounce rates through an engaging UX/UI experience

In the last decade, UX and UI have emerged as one of the most dynamic, yet definitive domains in determining the competitive sustainability of a brand in a hyper-responsive and hyper-connected marketplace. In our 25+ years of experience creating and promoting better brand positioning, wider outreach, higher recall and conversions through enhanced customer experience management, we have acquired and disseminated valuable insights on capturing and retaining customer interest through powerful, differentiated and digitally-driven experiences.

BeetleRim's design-led thinking and user-centric design services are what companies like yours require to boost your user engagement levels, promote a visible digital brand presence and leap-frog lead conversions.

UX strategy, design and build-out

  • Advanced market research, action planning and digital strategy based on competitive intelligence
  • Visualizing and building high-performance app-/site-maps
  • Building user personal templates and profiling, mind-map modelling, customer journey mapping (CJM)
  • Detailed information architecture (IA) and contextual UX design
  • Dynamic wireframes development
  • Interaction study, design and rapid prototyping

UI consulting, redesign and engineering

  • Strategic design consulting to assess website or application “scannability” and “stickiness”
  • Cross-platform UI design services and desktop, mobile and digital devices touchscreen optimization
  • Dynamic interface design leveraging best practices and user scenario modelling
  • Service and process design/re-design

Interaction and visual design

  • High-performance, light-weight and visually/aesthetically enhanced designs
  • A/B testing
  • High-impact visual communication and data visualization
  • Focused brand positioning to improve recall rates
  • Immersive experiences driven by future tech to promote user engagement and social sharing

CX design and social CRM

  • CX strategy and framework development; experience and stakeholder mapping
  • CX software development and web analytics, including CX clickstream analytics using next-gen tools and technologies (big data, predictive and text analytics, social listening, VOC and Enterprise Feedback Management)
  • High-security customer data management to gain actionable insights leading to improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)

BeetleRim’s UX consulting services have helped optimize an e-commerce website and improve in order fulfilment.

Partnering with BeetleRim can open a world of opportunities to businesses like yours who are looking to create a lasting impact in the competitive marketplace.

Here is why we are your #1 choice for the job.

BeetleRim and CX – a snapshot:

90% Technology Experts
85% CX Experts
50+ CX Projects Completed
70 Geographies Served

Experience the power of differentiated design through our winning market- and customer-focused strategies.

Technology capabilities

Visually and aesthetically stunning web designs; fast-loading, responsive and progressive web applications built using the latest technology stacks, benchmarked frameworks, methodologies and tools, to give the end-user a compelling browsing or purchase experience across platforms and devices.

  • Responsive website design and development
  • HTML/JS web portals
  • Single page websites and web applications
  • JS Frameworks - JQuery, Angular JS, React JS
  • Performance optimization
  • Custom deployment models
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Native & hybrid mobile apps
  • Web UI frameworks
  • Data visualizations and dashboards
  • Modular and component design
  • UI test, automation and deployment frameworks
  • Rest API/JSON

We leverage industry-leading tools and technologies to engineer feature-rich, intelligent and easy-to-use web applications and website design, fully integrated with functionalities like analytics, AI, ML/NLP and AR.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Corel Draw

Highly responsive and progressive web design

  • Responsive Design | Server Side Components (RESS) | adaptive content and navigation
  • Template-based CMS strategy
  • Full integration with third-party widget libraries

Hybrid Mobile Apps

  • Native Wrappers | Ionic | React Native
  • RESTful service catalog consumption
  • Security & caching

Front-End Development Automation

  • Automated build to deploy tasks
  • Live-reload testing in real-time

Component Designs

  • Modular/atomic design for reusability
  • Custom libraries with Bootstrap styles
  • Reusable components and prototypes

Single Page Applications (SPAs)

  • JavaScript frameworks: Angular/React JS.
  • End-to-end frameworks to plug and play
  • Client side UI generation

Performance Optimization

  • New techniques for browser and server caching
  • Code and file optimization

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