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Keep your targets realistic, grow your sales funnel lucratively and keep your salesforce motivated through insightful and high-performance media CRM solutions.

The rise of digital media has disrupted the Media and Entertainment industry like never before. With the increase in competition, media companies and agency businesses of today are facing an overwhelming need to bolster revenues, streamline operations and revisit their strategic roadmap. The need of the hour is to acquire more leads, generate higher conversions and maximize profits by the most cost-economic means possible.

Media companies and agencies are looking at technology-fueled innovations to overcome common roadblocks to success:

  • Maximizing ad space occupancy rates and ad revenue
  • Exploring cost-effective campaign models and revenue sources
  • Leveraging the growth of internet spend to improve margins
  • Mastering effective content distribution to multimedia channels
  • Expanding advertisers and customer-base and building loyalty
  • Compensating the dramatic decline in print revenues
  • Reducing operating expenses and streamlining processes

BeetleRim: Delivering assured value through technology innovation hinged on improving business success

BeetleRim leverages industry-leading tools and technologies, like MS Dynamics 365, to acquire high-quality leads and drive high-impact campaigns. The focus is on improving margins through cost-effective campaign and conversion mechanisms, powered by analytical insights.

Thanks to more than 12 years of global experience, BeetleRim’s sales CRM solutions have been highly successful in the market. They are extremely effective in bolstering profits by consolidating company-wide sales and marketing efforts, while remaining economical.

We are Experts in

Revenue Maximization Services

Now, score more leads through our efficient ad-space management services. Automate and manage your sales pipeline, while dramatically improving your conversion and occupancy ratios. You can now optimize your media buying and selling activities, resulting in wider outreach and better traction. Maximize stakeholder interest and retain it through targeted advertising opportunities for ad patrons. Go to market with powerful insights gained through our accelerated reporting and forecasting capabilities.

Automated Campaign Management

Optimize your marketing spend, by fine-tuning your campaign and outreach activities. Create high-impact lead funnels and keep track of your campaign activity in real-time – from lead acquisition to conversion and more. Take timely actions, thereby maximizing your ROI. Leverage in-app email synchronization capabilities and organize compelling follow-ups. Strong mobility capabilities make life easier for field executives on the go.

Web and Data Analytics

Benefit from sentiment analytics to aggressively track customer preferences and deliver insights-driven content to achieve higher footfall/TRPs. Analyse and optimize sales funnelling to strengthen conversion rates. Consolidate information from multiple data sources, and use them to analyse channel efficiencies. Plug gaps and fix revenue leakage using insights-based recommendations. Leverage financial data validation capabilities to avoid delays in spend-related decision making leading to zero missed opportunities.

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Our Services

The unique nature of the media industry requires extensive CRM customization, to leverage the full potential. BeetleRim’s expertise in custom application development using its core product engineering capabilities ensures that the solution is in sync with your requirements. Meanwhile, our right shore capabilities, combined with a vast repository of reusable web components, toolkits and accelerators, ensure work is completed on-schedule and at the right cost.

Custom application development
Application maintenance and support

From media planning to lead conversions and beyond ...

  • Marketing automation
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • Campaign management
  • Lead scoring
  • Website integration
  • Email, follow-ups and reports
  • Team collaboration

Over 3,000+ leads processed per month for a US media business! That's the power of MS Dynamics 365. Learn how to leverage the custom CRM capabilities of Dynamics for your business growth. Read case study.

LeadPrime for Media

  • Conduct effective lead and customer profiling to provide high-quality service.
  • Strengthen and track interactions with advertisers and content providers.
  • Keeping a close watch on the media, content and business applications.
  • Automate administrative tasks for better strategic focus.
  • Enhance the speed of the repetitive processes and improve response time.
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