Cyber Security Services

"Next-generation data threats require next-generation security solutions. The war on data theft and cybercrime is incomplete without investing in scalable and future-proof solutions."

How secure is your business data?

How secure is your business data?

Fact: Security attacks are increasing in scale and sophistication.

Fact: Enterprise on-premise software is no longer a viable defense solution against threats and vulnerabilities in cyberspace.

Fact: Your IT teams are investing a tremendous amount of time and effort just to stay on the defensive – this is valuable time that is better spent on strategic revenue-generating activities.

No matter how big your IT infrastructure, chances are, unless you are in the business of cyber security, it takes a lot of dedication to keep up with the exponential technological growth and complexity of cyber warfare. Your security roadmap is better-managed in the hands of a specialized service provider, who is well-equipped to give you the required proactive protection, expertise and infrastructural support to monitor, mitigate and resolve security threats.

Worried if the cloud is secure enough for your business?

You are not alone.

66% of IT professionals say security is their most significant concern in adopting an enterprise cloud computing strategy.

When it comes to cloud application and network security, partnering with the right end-to-end solutions provider can make a world of difference.

BeetleRim is the technology partner of choice for firms across the US. Contact us today to explore how our security solutions and all-round support can transform your move to the cloud while allowing you to maintain and control the integrity and security of your enterprise data. Contact Here

"43% of cyber-attacks target small businesses."

BeetleRim: 360-degree cyber security solutions to enhance your cyber-resilience

BeetleRim's cyber security services are four-pronged. In that they serve not only to defend data from external threats, but also to eliminate vulnerabilities and devise proactive strategies on the offensive – foresight that is assured to bring results against plausible complex and sophisticated attacks. You can also leverage our growing network of global cyber security SOCs to research, innovate and outperform cyberattacks. With us backing you, your business will be secure all-round – not just today, but tomorrow and in the long-term future.

Identify And Eliminate

  • Enterprise risk elimination and compliance
  • Enterprise systems study, vulnerability assessment and remediation

Monitor And Secure

  • Managed security-as-a-service across internal and external environments and cross-platforms
  • Fail-safe security architecture and defense strategy
  • Adaptive, proactive and continuous defense strategy

Research And simulate

  • Threat intelligence and real-world testing using innovative models
  • Adversarial penetration testing and breach simulation

Respond And Defend

  • On-time incident response and management using counter measures – defense-in-depth, ERT
  • Scope and damage control, hunting and IOC forensics
  • Threat resolution and quarantine


Managed security as a service

Human interactions are changing every day, and with the emergence of new digital devices, the online data footprint is growing exponentially. For businesses as well, technology is no longer an enabler, it is the core of their customer experience strategy. In the age of data democratization, it is important for organizations to keep track of their data usage across all platforms and devices that have access to their competitive information. In this regard, BeetleRim’s all-round digital security services gives companies like yours 360-degree protection in relation to the following digital platforms and extended domains:

  • Cloud
  • Mobile
  • IoT and connected devices
  • End-to-end API
  • Big data encryption
  • Hardware
Managed security as a service

We are adept at providing comprehensive cloud security solutions across pure and hybrid environments. Our in-cloud security solutions, available in an affordable Security-as-a-Service model, cover multi-layered cloud application and network security, while functioning within a robust regulatory framework, enabling organizations to leverage the full business value offered by cloud.

Identity and access management

With the rising amount of security threats in cyberspace, managing and monitoring digital identities is a top priority for businesses like yours. After all, human errors and omissions, targeted by social engineering, account for nearly 90% of all security incidents. BeetleRim’s IAM services help you establish a clearly-defined framework for user identity verification, access definitions and security authorizations, with privileged access management for sensitive information, by custom-deploying some of the best IAM solutions in the market for your enterprise needs.

  • Identity governance and administration
  • Conditional and role-based authentication
  • Business and consumer user access management
  • Digital and MFA device authentication and tracking
  • Privileged and critical data assets access management