Digital Assurance Services

"The primary reason for QA testing is to ensure customer satisfaction; and this ranks above even other factors like policy compliance and systems security."

Today’s consumers’ market is witnessing an unprecedented boom. Companies are embracing innovation like never before, churning out new products and services at an ever-increasing pace. Quality – both in terms of product engineering and experience – has escalated to a serious competitive factor, gaining in importance. Quality assurance is no longer just a set of “feel-good” rules and regulations on paper; they are the backbone of a product experience – powerful enough to make or break a product in the market.

More companies are turning to outsourcing QA as a managed service, to an experienced service provider who can not only envision and align their quality strategy to their organizational goals, but also execute it artfully and promptly.

Digital performance assurance:

B2C and B2B enterprises can explore the proven business benefits of digital transformation and engage BeetleRim’s BI- and analytics-propelled digital testing capabilities to ensure 100% quality, agility and faster time to market.

  • Digital and omni-channel systems
  • Pervasive and context-aware devices
  • Pure and hybrid cloud environments
  • Hyper-connected new-age ecosystems
  • Legacy environments
  • SaaS models
Is your quality assurance practice giving you on an edge over competition?

No matter how effective you may think your QA process is, without automation driven by next-generation technologies, you are at an immediate disadvantage in the modern-day marketplace.

Digital Assurance Services shape

BeetleRim: Bridging the gap between quality engineering and customer confidence

With extensive experience in web service design and enterprise product development, testing and quality assurance are among BeetleRim’s core strengths. We fast-track the application of quality across all stages of the product spectrum – functioning as a managed services provider or on a project-basis. Whether your requirement is for hassle-free quality management or end-to-end quality assurance for a highly anticipated new product innovation, we have the expertise and bandwidth to cater to your unique needs.

Our involvement delivers quality on the front-burner, enabling you to have utmost confidence in your quality and compliance processes:

In-depth consulting, process assessment and recommendations for a stronger quality roadmap
Automated test processes, using the power of BI and advanced analytics to enable the highest process quality levels and empower companies like yours to make the right decisions
Improved transparency and strengthened compliance across legacy and digital systems
Barriers to quality identified and removed, risks mitigated and value realized
Increasing process adherence to pre-defined engineering timelines, on-time and on-budget delivery
Enhanced agility in responding to on-field quality emergencies with immediate resolution
Highly-focused preventive testing to ensure CX and user-centricity

Invest in intelligent testing technologies today to reap benefits tomorrow.

Why intelligent test automation?

Test automation has already been revolutionizing the testing landscape. However, product engineering practices today are growing in terms of complexity, due to exponentially increasing data volumes, vast algorithms and sophisticated technology developments. Enterprise testing is becoming increasingly difficult to automate. This makes today’s businesses – who are looking to ascertain the robustness of their quality and compliance processes – perfect candidates for intelligent testing.

We are now in the era of AI/ML powered intelligent test automation. Self-learning test bots validate use cases with increasing agility and efficiency, without the need for constant reconfiguration and supervision, ramping up and down according to their utilization – making the testing process fully-automated, 100% accurate and completely on an upward efficiency curve.

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  • Test process evaluation, gap analysis and consulting
  • Test plan and strategy assessment, review and recommendation
  • General consulting on system vulnerabilities, pitfalls and challenges in the testing process
  • Cost vs benefit assessment and industry best practices outlining
  • Automation feasibility study and advisory

  • High-impact, continuous agile and DevOps testing cycles
  • Proven high-quality testing frameworks with shared ownership and lower costs
  • Improved early-automation testing strategy for accelerated go-to-market
  • Multilingual testing framework for global releases
  • Post-production quality checks and assurance

  • Automated testing in-built as part of overall testing strategy
  • Innovative automation frameworks using next-gen technologies
  • Accelerated and agile testing cycles to meet dynamic market demands
  • Zero to minimal manual intervention
  • Precision, self-learning and continually evolving testing systems to simplify complex scenarios and reduce errors
  • Reusable testing templates, and scalable AI bots for intelligent testing

  • Product performance and quality assessment on macro- and micro-levels
  • System stability testing under varying levels of load and stress
  • Reliance, scalability and full-fledged capability testing
  • Dynamic, time-bound system sustainability stress and peak performance testing
  • Determine UX quality under various usage circumstances
  • Discover new performance highs and lows and gaps
  • Establish benchmarks, pit against industry standards and provide recommendations
  • Test system compliance to internal and external standards
  • Stay audit-ready and compliant with local or international regulations

  • Omni-channel capability assessment and gap study
  • Mobile testing strategy formulation, set-up and on-ground testing support
  • Test automation for digital devices and context-aware systems – framework, strategy and support
  • Dynamic cloud, SaaS and hybrid models testing and performance assurance

Why BeetleRim

12+ years' technology expertise, across domains and industries
Proven next-generation capabilities and track-record in BI- and analytics-driven automated testing excellence
360-degree understanding of system functionalities and end-to-end testing/QA/QC processes
Years of experience identifying common QA pitfalls, rendering advice on advance preparation and fault prevention
Established testing CoE and vast library of reusable assets, templates and accelerators
Wide-raging suite of automation testing tools
Proprietary testing technologies, world-class testing solutions and infrastructure
Unmatched cost-competitiveness

Testing Tools

Quality Assurance Quality Control and Methodologies Digital Assurance Next-Gen Testing Domain Testing
Test advisory and transformation services Functional testing: Unit, component, integration, system, regression (smoke and sanity), retesting, UAT testing Agile testing Salesforce testing AI testing ERP testing BFSI testing
Test Planning Non-functional testing: compatibility, performance (load, volume and endurance), security, portability, usability, localization and globalization Service virtualization Mobile testing IoT testing SharePoint testing Healthcare testing
Test Strategies Automation testing phases: unit, integration, regression testing Test data management Digital assurance and testing Block chain testing API testing Testing CoE
Reviews Big data and analytics testing RPA testing DevOps testing
Energy and Utility Script-less Test Automation SAP testing
Cloud Testing

Testing Tools and Frameworks

Automation Testing Functional Testing Tools Test Design and Testing API Testing Tools Defect Tracking QA
Testing tools
and frameworks
  • Selenium
  • UFT
  • Appium
  • Coded UI
  • HP UFT
  • Selenium (Eclipse C#)
  • Appium (Visual Studio C#)
  • VSTS
  • TFS
  • MTM
  • QC
  • TestLink
  • Jira
  • Restlet
  • Talend
  • VSTS MantisBT
  • Jira QC
  • Jtrac
  • Nunit
Automation framework Scripting Framework
  • Page Object Model
  • Behaviour Driven
  • Development Framework
  • Linear
  • Modular Testing Framework
  • Data Driven Testing Framework
  • Keyword Driven Testing Framework
  • Hybrid Testing Framework

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