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Maximizing operational excellence, while managing costs and boosting revenues, continues to be a priority for property management companies across the US. Customers are moving to an increasingly digital space, even as property management companies struggle with digitizing the delivery of basic services to residents, like bookings, personnel management, ticketing and feedback collection.

In addition to managing routine activities, property managers need to be equipped to handle the changing façades of the industry, in terms of evolving tenant/buyer demographics, lifestyle and preferences – all the while improving efficiencies in resourcing and operations, ensuring business process continuity and realizing ROI where possible.

In this respect, technology continues to prove its merit as an able partner to property management companies worldwide, including the US. It continues to empower them to expand, acquire and consolidate operations; maintain a holistic business outlook; manage costs effectively and continue their growth journey of enriching and enhancing lives.

Are you currently facing any challenges in dealing with the following scenarios?

Onboarding a new business unit or entity
Merging multiple legalities, transactional rules, local vs state guidelines and regulations
Migrating legacy systems, files and transactional databases
Automating manual tasks and processes
Merging the volumes of digital data generated by disparate and localized machines
Enabling digital transformation while keeping critical processes afloat
Ensuring that marketing and customer service functions continue uninterrupted
Managing integration and change management

If yes, BeetleRim’s tailor-made solution will take your business to the next level of customer engagement like never before. All you need is the right technology partner working for you, handling the convergence and operations of local business units end-to-end, on-ground.

From research to sales: Holistic, home-grown and proven property management solutions custom-made to the US market

BeetleRim has been in US property management for nearly 2 decades, and we have mastered the game, working closely with property management companies and real estate agencies. We build property management portals segregated by market, region and district, in keeping with your unique requirements. We know how important it is to have a centrally-managed IT partner who can build, maintain and promote a scalable technological infrastructure in-house and to your custom needs, while working together with you on new integrations, as your business expands.

Over the years, we have become an integral part of our clients’ teams – trusted partners who work directly with end-clients 1:1, if need arises.

From research to sales shape

Did you know? Some of our top clients have merged up to 20,000 local BUs under their management. BeetleRim has been their technology partner throughout this exponential growth story - working centrally, locally and on-ground - on every integration need.

Integrate. Transform. Report.

Workforce and BU integration. Digitally transform merged processes. Report and audit integration progress.

Our Services

Easy-to-use and feature-rich custom web portals with extensive functionalities and end-to-end resident and facility management capabilities, simplifying the day-to-day responsibilities of the management and staff.

  • Portals that are customized by market, region or district
  • Resident portal for bookings, payments, service requests and routine communications
  • Handy accounting, budgeting and spend management tools
  • Comprehensive facility, amenities and contracts management, maintenance scheduling and record-keeping
  • Banking workflow and insurance management
  • Effective migration, workforce integration and management of digital records
  • Centralized in-application budgeting, contracting, sales and lease management
  • Forms management and centralized critical data reporting
  • Dedicated portal for executive management enabling vantage viewpoints
  • Real-time executive dashboards for key decision-making
  • Energy procurement savings dashboard
  • Mobility and cloud integration for property-related transactions (e.g., bookings)
  • Audit and report on integration realization quotient

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