"Ninety-five percent of vehicle buyers use digital as a source of information. In fact, twice as many start their research online versus at a dealer."

Auto dealerships need a robust customer relationship management system that can capture real-time insights to serve customers better as well as manage vehicle lifecycles effortlessly – in terms of pre-sales, sales and after-sales service. The thin line that differentiates dealerships from competition is the effectiveness of their core customer-facing systems and departments, and this includes any agencies that manage their end-to-end operations, marketing efforts and competitive intelligence.

As an auto dealership, you need custom-made CRM solutions that integrate your core customer-facing network – salesforce and service segments – as well as any third-party agencies or systems that are mission-critical. Customers appreciate a connected and well-informed auto dealership where work flows seamlessly between different departments and information is available upfront.

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Complex global networks of dealers, agencies
Inaccessibility of customer information
Lack of on-time competitive insights
Unavailability of real-time collaboration
Delays in customer outreach due to non-availability of intuitive tools
Non-standardized servicing that varies across dealerships and locations
Lack of marketing manpower and campaign materials

BeetleRim for Automotive CRM

Technology advisors who double as your extended team for agency support

  • Strategic consulting to catapult business growth
  • Create new touchpoints and engage customers
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Position your brand and improve brand recall
  • Build powerful insights-driven campaigns
  • Turbocharge your lead conversions
  • Provide uninterrupted and proactive service support
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Customize future technologies to deliver a lasting digital experience

BeetleRim makes use of next-gen technologies to enhance and recharge your customer interactions. Our expertise with BI tools gives you the right insights on market trends and usage patterns, delivered at your fingertips. Our advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics services guide you through a varied spectrum of interactions and decisions, while inherent mobility capabilities cater to timely responses, hyper-connectedness and seamless data exchange – all while you are on the go.

BeetleRim’s custom CRM software for the automotive industry aims to simplify the sales-to-service journey for you and your teams, helping to:

Automotive CRM


Our Services

  • Detailed customer vehicle profiling and insights
  • Data mining and pattern detection
  • Customer interactions across platforms on the go
  • Email synchronization
  • Lead acquisitions and fast-tracked conversions
  • Sales tracking and management
  • Customer retention
  • Market trends and predictions
  • Social media integration

  • Collaborative platforms for dealerships, vehicle owners and marketing agencies, enabled by next-generation technologies

  • Lead generation through dynamic, targeted and integrated email/digital campaigns
  • Drive creative marketing campaigns that exceed expectations
  • Optimize marketing spend
  • Marketing automation, mobile and social media promotions
  • Manage campaign and PMA pricing points
  • Use the power of data to build insight-driven marketing using state-of-the-art tools customized for your needs

  • Vehicle stock management and live tracking across locations
  • View detailed reports – sales, expenses, commissions etc.
  • Real-time updates to website
  • Benefit from lean inventory and cost savings

  • Multi-platform – web and mobile – integration
  • Planning and scheduling sales activities
  • Sales CRM
  • Service scheduling, tracking and auto alerts
  • Maintenance work supervision
  • Vendor item and spare parts management
  • Warranty and insurance management

In the era of social engineering, it is not just important for dealers to build lasting connections with customers and prospects, they need to maintain this relationship by remaining involved in their lives and shared personal experiences. Mobility and social integration are now core necessities; after all, nearly 60% of all automotive searches now come from a mobile device!

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