BI and Analytics Services

"In a fast-paced and hyper-competitive marketplace, data is king, and can make or break business empires – this is the undisputed power of business intelligence."
BI and Analytics services

Today's business is all about smart and swift decision-making. It is no longer about having all the data at one's disposal; it is about gaining relevant, data-driven business intelligence that results in profitable actions. Regardless of whether they are small, medium or large enterprises, companies across the globe look up to the power of business intelligence to overcome common challenges, including:

In the context of the modern-day business, consumer preferences dictate the way forward for an organization, product or service. This is one of the reasons why more and more, companies are relying on big data analytics, social listening and business intelligence to identify underlying consumption patterns, extrapolate sales strategies, and perform predictive scoring, automated segmentation and other mission-critical actions.


Advantage: BeetleRim

We are an agile and cost-effective right-shore partner.

We leverage industry-leading technologies to bring agility, flexibility and speed.

Our USP lies in being able to integrate into your organization's DNA, understand your understated needs and build trust-based relationships.

In doing so, we evolve into your technology advisory partner and your strongest ally in building sustainable competitive advantage.

"Improving revenues using BI is now the most popular objective enterprises are pursuing at present."

Wisdom of Crowds® Business Intelligence Market Study, as cited by Forbes, 2019

BeetleRim: Delivering robust and dynamic BI and analytics solutions

Leveraging 25+ years of industry experience, BeetleRim builds end-to-end BI and Analytical solutions, tailor-made to small and medium enterprises, which aid advanced decision-making and facilitate long-term competitive advantage. We understand the industry well, and our products and solutions are built to streamline and solidify business processes.

A customer-conscious and responsive business requires definitive and multi-dimensional, 360-degree customer-related intelligence to build and drive strategic growth. Learn how BeetleRim facilitated the conversion of legacy reports to data mart reports with re-usable components.

CRM Analytics

  • Equip your sales force with powerful real-time insights and fact-based intelligence to sharpen responsiveness, propel their sales strategy and heighten customer focus.
  • Maximize your marketing returns and empower your marketing teams to understand underlying customer behaviour, improve retention and customer profitability, and build and drive high-impact campaigns to maximise outreach at optimal spend.
  • Allow customer service teams access to better and quicker customer insights; enable them identify issues and new opportunities and empower them to take the right decisions that will lead to enhanced customer satisfaction.
  • Build and engage with your loyalty customers, engineer metrics-based schemes and campaigns to reduce turnover.

LeadPrime and Automotive expertise

In an enterprise, data resides in various systems and in different forms. Connecting to various data sources, extracting, processing and translating data into meaningful insights is one of the first steps towards creating the “wow” effect in customer experience. Learn how BeetleRim enhanced the custom CRM solution of an automotive dealership to help maintain the complete lifecycle of the customer.

Custom BI assessment, strategy and development

  • Extensive, feature-rich and customized applications.
  • Solutions that facilitate multi-dimensional, multi-source data analysis.
  • Platform agnostic, secure and cost competitive BI solutions.
  • Complex data visualizations and custom reporting.
  • End-to-end BI integration, maintenance and support.

We are a strong global player that leverages today's turbulent, yet dynamic technology landscape to engineer and drive value-building industry solutions. To know why we are the best partners for your business need, click here.

Social Media Analytics for e-Commerce advantage

  • Leverage social media analytics tools, social listening capabilities and advanced data mining with the intent of building and driving site traffic.
  • Insights reporting on changing/emerging trends, behaviours and underlying usage patterns to enhance and adapt customer outreach models, products and services.
  • Perform sentiment analysis to gauge and enhance good will/brand reputation, drive interactive engagements and experiences, influence target groups, enhance business growth and maximise RoI.
  • Gain competitive intelligence, perform benchmarking and stay smart, dynamic and agile.

With BeetleRim's help, a leading e-commerce company leveraged the power of social media analytics to build and track website footfall, with tremendous success.

Advanced and Embedded Analytics

  • Perform augmented analytics using next-generation tools.
  • Predict future behaviours and trends.
  • Use big data analytics to identify usage patterns and preferences.
  • Gain actionable insights to make accurate predictions.
  • Mobile-friendly analytics.

MS Dynamics with PowerBI and Finance Modules

Our in-depth experience and partnerships in Microsoft Business Intelligence and QlikView, and competence in the analytics domain spans the global consumer, commercial and industrial domains. Learn more.

Using the right blend of Analytics tools can deliver powerful results. Like improvement in maintenance TATs, as in the case of this reputed US property management company, with increase in overall energy savings, and predictions that helped to grow their business. Read more.

Data Quality Management

  • Ensure high-quality, integrity and consistent on-demand data.
  • Provide metrics-based data representation to determine data quality.
  • Perform data profiling, reviewing and validation.
  • Perform cleansing, repair and remediation of bad data.

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Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence thrives on data to extract information and patterns to help business leaders in their strategic to day-to-day decision making. A successful rollout of an intelligent BI solution depends on how all the data sources connect with an enterprise and on collecting the relevant data as an input to the BI system. Choosing the right tools depending on the state and needs of the enterprise is an important factor for successful BI implementation.