Product Engineering Services

"There's no greater cost in product engineering than the cost of a lost opportunity."

What makes for an engineering marvel? Is it a grand vision, sound financial backing, deep technical prowess, an innovative process framework – or the culmination of all these factors?

Every great product begins with a great idea. But to translate this idea to a minimum viable product, and later, into a real-life marketable product requires serious dedication and teamwork – a blend of process and technology expertise, as construed by engineering visionaries, industry experts and artisans, and underpinned by robust planning and execution. The product UI must capture all elements of the business vision, yet be compelling enough to capture customer interest and usable enough to retain that interest. This is an especially complex process, given that the target audience usually come with diverse expectations, end-user feedback is unavailable at least until beta release, and the clock is ticking, until competition catches up.

Whether you are in the business of technology or not – it is probable that you already have the necessary technical resources and market research at your disposal to turn an idea into a design prototype. But as most product engineering teams would testify, valuable man-hours and operational expenses are often wasted in overcoming internal R&D-related, managerial and administrative challenges to a successful product launch, and these have time and again included:

Product Engineering Services shape
Understanding what the business wants and translating it into a product
Difficulties keeping pace with breaking innovations and technology trends
Numerous product iterations in line with changing market/user preferences
Delays in fast and informed decision-making resulting in heavy opportunity costs
Getting caught up in the managerial and administrative details.
Accommodating budget overruns on the prototype
Foreseeing and handling plausible design failures
Inadvertent delays due to unaccounted for contingencies

Anyone can envision a product by themselves. But to bring it to a viable stage, prove its market fit and sell it to the right group of users for profit – that’s a job for technology think-tank – a group of professionals who know what they’re doing.

Why BeetleRim

With 12+ years of engineering experience across industries and excellence in next-generation technologies, BeetleRim is best placed to bring your vision of high-value, high-impact products to life. We double as advisors, working in sync with your internal teams, facilitating a conducive environment not only to ideate, innovate and conceptualize new products and services, but also to work rapidly and cohesively as a winning team to modernize legacy architecture, processes and applications.

What you get:

We are experts in merging next-generation tools and technologies to transform your business outlook! Read how our augmented reality application provides real-time store location and shopping deal information on a leading mall.

Why BeetleRim shape

Partner with BeetleRim to:

Create high-quality, high-security and high-fidelity prototypes
Modernize and migrate complex legacy systems and applications without impacting mission-critical processes
Engineer technology landscapes, dynamic product architecture and loosely-coupled systems that are flexible and scalable
Reduce interdependencies and stay agile using distributed systems and future-ready technologies like micro-services, virtualization and Cloud
Build defect-free MVP with greater value and higher market acceptance rates
Devise a product strategy centered on user experience and intuition
Leverage future technologies like IoT, Cloud, automation and AI to modernize your legacy systems
Use next-generation capabilities, like Cloud engineering, to deliver scale and flexibility at lower costs
Outsource stage-wise ownership or end-to-end product management
Ramp resources up and down on demand
Gain access to reusable product libraries and extensive toolkits – accelerators, custom tools and widgets, connectors and adapters
Explore strategies to reduce TCO and improve ROI


  • Strategic consulting
  • Requirement capture, engineering analysis and simulation
  • System performance evaluation and predictions
  • Trade-off analysis
  • Tools, technology and SaaS recommendations
  • Portfolio rationalization
  • Localization strategy

  • Requirements gathering, analysis and roadmap support
  • Project planning, strategizing, governance and management
  • Identifying possible enhancements
  • Solutions architecture, omni-channel (including android, iOS) prototyping and beta release
  • Fast-tracked application development using agile methods
  • Cross-platform and legacy application integration and interfacing
  • Enterprise content management
  • Business intelligence, big data and AI embedded solutions

  • Database optimization and modeling
  • Migration strategy, tools and technologies
  • Consolidate, integrate, and refactor software
  • Cloud migration

  • Define product and portfolio strategy encouraging frugal engineering, innovation and R&D
  • Incorporate next-generation technologies to enhance the digital vision and roadmap
  • Optimize the technology outlook and improve future-readiness

  • Identify services that can be cloud-hosted profitably
  • Cloud architecture adoption
  • Configuration management, infrastructure migration and consolidation
  • Cloud operations management
  • Cloud services integration
  • SaaS based application development
  • Cloud-based and on-cloud testing

  • Rationalize and give your legacy systems a modern makeover
  • Strategically modernize applications without impacting mission-critical processes
  • Migrate feasible applications to cloud
  • Weave next-gen technologies like automation and virtualization into the legacy process landscape
  • Assess IT portfolio alignment to organizational vision and long-term strategy
  • Consolidate, virtualize, eliminate and modernize as applicable
  • Protect business continuity, enhance collaboration and data flow

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