Digital Transformation Services

"Businesses need to overcome their inhibitions and embrace digital disruption with the aim of sustainable growth. In disruption alone lie all the answers and the very future of businesses."

Transform to challenge conventional processes and legacy systems … and connect the dots

The world of digital transformation is that of digital leverage – leveraging the power of future technologies to reimagine the present; reinvent processes; automate business models; envision newer products; build sustainable revenue streams, and so on. As business landscapes change with increasing intensity, every organization – no matter the size – is facing an overwhelming internal struggle to digitalize and automate its legacy processes – to stay ahead of the curve, or die.

In this context, businesses are looking at the transformative capabilities of next-gen technologies to connect the dots, think and strategize ahead, using predictive and big data analytics, automation and AI, and other future technologies like cloud, mobility and the all-powerful internet of things.

85% of enterprise decision-makers say they have a time frame of two years to make significant inroads into digital transformation or they will fall behind their competitors and suffer financially.

56% of CEOs say that their digital transformation efforts have already improved profits.

Is digital transformation for you?

Digital transformation is an extensive topic, involving a lot of contextual analysis and consultation. There’s often no one-size-fits-all solution, and definitely not one that comes in neat, vanilla packaging. If you are wondering whether digital transformation is the right way forward for your business, consider these red flags:

Digital Transformation Services

By the end of the year, two-thirds of Global 2,000 CEOs would have shifted strategy focus from the traditional-offline to the modern-digital as a measure to improve customer experience. The question is no longer whether to transform, it is when - and by how much.

BeetleRim: Use the power of digital to reinvent your business

  • Overcome traditional challenges
  • Adopt future innovations
  • Discover new business models
  • Become agile
  • Stay nimble
  • Reinvent status quo
  • Become highly engaged

As an evangelist of the proven powers of digital transformation and digitalization, BeetleRim can revolutionize your business through next-generation technologies, innovative concepts and future-focused disruption. Our services are custom-designed for small and medium enterprises aspiring transform digitally by adopting a continuous model of innovation. To know why BeetleRim is the best bet for your digitalization and transformation requirements, click here.


BeetleRim gives you the right digital, domain and business experts to build and promote winning business strategies, powerful customer experiences and new revenue-generating models.

BeetleRim Use the power of digital to reinvent your business shape

Transform processes

Gain in-depth intelligence to evaluate the past; unravel hidden insights to predict future-readiness and make strategically empowering business decisions.

Transform people

Promote a hyper-connected ecosystem where people and technologies complement each other to build and encourage high-performing teams and foster a culture of innovation.

Transform customer experience

Drastically reinvent your customer engagement model to deliver exceptional experiences reinforced by always-on connectivity and new and differentiated products and services.

Differentiated, hyper-connected and always-on customer experiences for SMEs

  • Real estate
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing


Work cohesively with BeetleRim's experienced consulting team to accelerate your overall organizational vision and improve profitability by adhering to a future-ready framework:

  • Understand business challenges and remove roadblocks, deep-dive into the competition, solve problems, assess future-readiness and frame winning GTM strategies.
  • Evaluate and advance the current systems and technology landscapes; consolidate operations by leveraging the Cloud AI, IoT, Big Data, Analytics and other next-gen technologies.
  • Build revolutionary products, plan new services and promote lasting and connected customer experiences.
  • Discover new revenue streams, models and market-ready business frameworks that underline agility and UX, by using industry leading tools like Angular or Silverlight.

Bridge the gaps between digital experience, process efficiencies and customer satisfaction by:

  • Upgrading from basic-manual/disparate to modern-digitized systems and formats to eliminate complexities, promote flexible data access, reduce dependencies and embrace consistencies.
  • Expanding into a thriving, value-adding digital ecosystem through the adoption of next-generation technologies and concepts.
  • Identifying and adopting the right mix of industry-leading applications and solutions that will enable the move to digitization/digitalization to streamline operations, improve revenues and facilitate across-the-board digital transformation – from sales to support to customer experience.

Converge the transformative capabilities of the Cloud, AI, IoT and Big Data Analytics to build a hyper-connected and hyper-responsive business world, where UX takes precedence over everything else.

  • Analytics: Reinvent business models, predict outcomes, think ahead and plan for milestones, and accelerate growth with AI and analytics.
  • Automate: Improve process efficiencies, reduce manual dependencies and human errors, stay agile and fast-track delivery timelines with cognitive and self-learning automation models.
  • IoT: Leverage the power of collective insights to build smarter, connected enterprises and solutions. Use the power of digital product engineering to build future-ready solutions that will survive the dynamically paced and UX-dominated world of tomorrow.


  • Leverage the power of next-generation technologies, tools and processes to reinvent your approach towards product engineering - conceptualization, design, development and performance testing.
  • Modernize your legacy systems with minimum customization and turnaround, using cost-effective, reusable and intuitive components.
  • Build intelligent, scalable and future-ready software, including custom applications tailored to your specific business requirement through the adoption of agile infrastructure, DevOps-led continuous integration/development and scrum practices.

  • Build powerful real-time embedded and connected systems, which are custom designed to your business needs and spanning across domains.
  • Envision groundbreaking innovations, and rapidly bring them to life in the real world by using the collective power of embedded and platform engineering, mobility, IoT and beyond.
  • Transform status quo by leveraging the limitless possibilities of the Internet of Things to engineer massive-scale projects and revolutionary products.

BeetleRim used its IoT expertise to build a custom IoT device for the logistics industry, for efficient fleet management. Learn how the solution is reaping rewards.

  • Expand into a value-adding digital ecosystem through enterprise cloud adoption.
  • Upgrade your infrastructure to cloud, save on CAPEX and OPEX, while leveraging its transformative capabilities.
  • Choose from a wide range of integration and deployment options, including pure and hybrid models, and solutions: From AWS, Azure and Google to smaller, niche players.
  • Identify the best opportunities, applications and processes for a cloud upgrade and build a strategic roadmap for cloud transformation.
  • Gain end-to-end handholding – start with a small sample size and walk through the entire range of services.
  • Optimize your cloud infrastructure to reduce overheads and overcome multiple levels of application and infrastructure security challenges.

See how BeetleRim improved scalability of a BI solution with centralized EDW, extensive data transformation, over 300 custom reports and cloud accessibility.

  • Empower your enterprise by embedding AI into everyday operations or building new applications that leverage the extensive potential of AI.
  • Take your routine operations, analytics, reporting and customer service capabilities to the next level.
  • Heighten process excellence and bring added operational efficiencies by thinking “smart”, improving agility and reducing errors.
  • Transform into an intelligent and agile business by leveraging futuristic capabilities, like machine learning, natural language processing, predictive analytics and cognitive computing.

BeetleRim's AI-based recognition service helped to build an organizational contact database to farm new contacts. 80% of new contacts were willing to be new customers! Learn more.