Automotive CRM Analytics

Enhancing the custom CRM solution of a US auto dealership

The Challenge

BeetleRim was asked to enhance the custom CRM solution of an automotive dealership. This company had multiple dealerships across Florida, USA. The application would maintain the complete lifecycle of customers. Customer interactions through the system were high, and these included:

  • Stage-wise email campaigns
  • Self-service appointment setting
  • Customer’s view of status on the vehicle delivery (both during sales and service)
  • Interfaces with commercial email and text message to their phones
  • Reports to view customer LTV (lifetime value) across streams
  • Centralized customer view across the sales, service and parts departments

BeetleRim Solution

LeadPrime is a core CRM product developed by BeetleRim. It is provided to clients as a SaaS model. With multi-zone replication on cloud, this application is available on all form factors (desktop, mobile and tab).

  • User can keep track of all customer interactions with the ability to report across stages like suspect – prospect – opportunity – lead – customer.
  • The home page provides a dashboard that can be a good snapshot of activities scheduled across customer channels and the target distance for the period.
  • The application is built with a very customizable UI, including options for the home page that would suit user roles.
  • The application has built-in features to escalate any activities that are pending past a configurable period.
  • The application has been built as a multi-tenant hosted model, and security features are key to the platform.
  • Permissions are based on user roles which can be configured in multiple ways (either by customer /user hierarchy OR module-wise).
Automotive CRM Analytic